Theresa May Arrives In Brussels For Brexit Talks Alone And Isolated

Image: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Theresa May has arrived In Brussels for Brexit talks in what Political pundits say will likely be a “humiliating encounter.”

She says she seeks to negotiate a better offer and deal for the more than a million Britons who live, work or study in the European Union so they can keep their jobs and not have their lives disrupted by the hard Brexit that she is pushing for.

Experts however warn she will face a hard time negotiating as she will be alone against 27 EU leaders. She will have dinner with them but after dinner, she will be asked to leave the room so the 27 EU leaders can have private EU discussions. Then after they have discussed, they will call her back and talk to her.

For a British Prime Minister to be asked to leave the room so other EU leaders can discuss European matters and Brexit is very symbolic on different fronts; It shows that Britain has lost its place on one of the world’s most prestigious dinner tables but also that the EU are making it clear that they can do pretty well without Britain inspite of the Brexiteers claims that Europe was going to be destroyed and shattered once Britain left.

Theresa May is pushing for a hard Brexit but a rift in her Party has surfaced as a few MPs are calling upon her to soften her stance and call for a softer Brexit. Her position as leader of the Conservative Party is also at peril after her poor performance at the General election and already there is talk of Boris Johnson trying to take over.



  1. I agree that we should have another vote on Brexit. We were lied to about the money going to the NHS. Its a shambles.

  2. The political landscape in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few months. We should have another debate about Brexit, without the lies, with the knowledge of the divorce bill and with the understanding of the hard brexit or soft brexit. We should have another referendum before the 2 years is up and then depending what the country agrees we should either leave or we should ask to stay and start to repair the damage caused.

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