Sean Hannity Claims There’s A Coup Against Trump, Threatens America Will Not Survive

Fox News Pundit sean Hannity has written an opinion piece claiming that there is a coup against Trump. He does not back up his claims of a coup since America is a democracy and not a dictatorship and is governed by rule of law.

In the opinion piece, he also attacked the main stream media claiming they are working against Trump. Hannity is a close friend of Trump and both are against Main stream media, witha preference to get their news and information from alternative right wing news sites.

Trump is reportedly a fan of Alex Jones of InfoWars and gets his information mainly from Fox News, InfoWars and Breitbart, another far right leaning news site.

Alex Jones is a climate denier and also peddles a hoax that the Sandy Hook Massacre was staged and never really happened.

Sean Hannity and Trump have continued to label mainstream media as “fake news” and Hannity’s opinion piece is likely to push and peddle more conspiracies.

By claiming that there is a coup against Trump, Sean Hannity is simply peddling a new conspiracy that could have serious implications. Legally, if summoned to Courts of Law, he may be asked to clearly explain his “Coup conspiracy” and provide evidence.

He talks of the “Deep State” which is another conspiracy.

He also claims that “this country may not survive” which is a serious threat that he may have to explain at some point.

Below is some of his writings from the Opinion piece in Italics:


The next threat, and perhaps the most dangerous, is the deep state. That is the unelected fourth branch of government, consisting of a lot of Obama holdovers, anti-Trump bureaucrats who now are routinely targeting the president, his administration with selective leaking. This deep state works closely with the destroy-Trump media to disseminate false information about the president and his administration.  And what’s even more dangerous, more sinister about the deep state is that they’re willing to break the law by leaking classified information. Just ask Gen. Michael Flynn, who was spied on, unmasked and ruined by the deep state.

The most dangerous denizen of the deep state may be fired FBI Director James Comey. He admitted under oath he had his memo leaked to The New York Times. His goal? He wanted the appointment of a special counsel. The deep state obliged, once it got Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself out of their way.

This is now reaching a point of no return.  It’s beyond serious. If these forces are successful, this country will not survive. If they continue with lies, propaganda, misinformation and outright conspiracy theories, where do the people go to get their country back?