Trump Could Have Bought 15 Million FAKE Twitter Followers To Compete with Obama!! A Must Read!

In his quest to gain more followers than Barack Obama, Trump has possibly bought fake followers and this is a violation of Twitter terms and conditions.

Trump is desperate to be more popular than Obama but unfortunately that will never happen whether in the real world or on social media. Even with Trump’s fake 15 million Twitter followers, he doesn’t even have half of Obama’s followers.

Barack Obama has 91 million followers on Twitter:  @BarackObama

Trump has 32.5 million followers:  @realDonaldTrump

Trump has 15 million fake followers on Twitter and the speculation is that he probably paid for the fake Twitter followers. If true, he will be the first President to buy fake Twitter followers but not the first person to do so. Many celebrities and brands buy fake Twitter followers and bots to appear to be popular or influential on social media.

The very act of buying fake social media followers is actually against the terms of conditions of the social media platforms. Trump could basically get blocked and banned from twitter but then Trump is driving huge traffic and massive discussion on Twitter so he can easily get a pass without a penalty.

Trump’s obesession with competing with and comparing himself with Obama will make him more miserable and unhappy because the fact is barack Obama is a highly gifted, likeable, intelligent, well spoken, popular and charismatic figure. Trump should understand that all people are different and life is not all about competition.