British Far Right Nationalists Claim Victory After Their Leader Is Invited on GMB TV show, Say Next Stop Is BBC

British far right nationalists are claiming victory after former EDL leader and ultra right nationalist Tommy Robinson appeared on Good Morning Britain just a day after a terrorist attack at Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

Brandishing a Quran on the TV show, he went on to claim that the Muslim Holy Book encourages violence and radicalisation and incites violence against “non believers” or those who are not Muslims.

Holding up the Koran, the far Right Nationalist said ,” This book is the reason we are in such a mess.”

Piers Morgan, the Good Morning Britain host immediately lashed out at Tommy Robinson calling him a  ” lunatic bigot and Islamaphobe.”

Many Britons were shocked and not happy to wake up and find a far right nationalist on their TV screens and many protested against the TV hosts for having such a guest make an appearance just a day after the terror attacks.

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Far Right Nationalists however claimed victory saying that Tommy Robinson’s movement is becoming too popular to ignore and even GMB was only lucky to have an interview with their leader due to his hectic schedule.

Quiz: Should Tommy Robinson be allowed to appear on Television especially with his extremist views? Yes or No?