Boris Johnson On Manoeuvres For Prime Minister Job As He Encourages His Allies To Stick Knife In His Rival David Davis

Image credit: Daily Express

The fight for who will replace Theresa May is getting more ugly even before Theresa May publicly admits she is standing down.

Explosive accounts by The Daily Telegraph reveal that Boris Johnson’s allies have come out fighting and harshly targeting Theresa May’s right hand man David Davis who is thought to be the next in line to lead the Conservative Party and hence become the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s allies branded David Davis, the Brexit Secretary as “too old” and pointed out that he is nearly 70 and also claimed that Davis would keep the party on the same path as Theresa May.

Mr David Davis is actually 68 and his high profile role in negotiating Brexit is seen as a threat to Boris Johnson’s political ambitions. Should David Davis take over the Tory leadership and PM job, Boris Johnson’s political ambitions will have suffered another major set back 3 time in a row.

However, an MP close to david Davis blasted Boris Johnson and his allies. He said: ” Boris Johnson is on permanent manoeuvres for the leadership, he has been for the last 10 years. David Davis is focused on the job he has got to do- delivering Brexit. He is not interested in this game playing. It’s disgraceful. I don’t think the party or country wants it.”




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