The Way Trump Continues To Treat Sean Spicer Is Disgusting And Unacceptable

Trump has put Sean Spicer, his Press Secretary under so much pressure that Spicer is said to chew 35 pieces of chewing gum a day and medical experts say that is very unhealthy.

Spicer is a staunch Catholic so he doesn’t smoke or drink to take off the stress, choosing chewing gum which he thinks is harmless but actually it can be harmful if taken in large quantities.

We were among the first news sites if not the first to report what Trump did to Sean Spicer on the former’s much lauded Foreign trip that saw Trump with his entourage visit saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe.

On the European leg of the tour, Trump maliciously denied Sean Spicer a staunch Catholic a chance to meet the pope and instead invited Jared Kushner and Ivanka who are Jews and also invited other junior members of staff to meet the Pope. Spicer was crushed as that trip might have been his only chance to ever meet the pope.

Back in Washington, Spicer’s duties were handed over to another junior Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Spicer was kept in the office to deal with a mountain of paperwork and other bureaucratic duties. It became apparent that Spicer was being eased out of his job in a cruel way until Americans sympathetic to Spicer started to protest and Trump backed off.

After much pressure, it was expected that Spicer had had enough and was going to resign but it became apparent in Washington Political circles that should Spicer resign, he’d be blacklisted by Trump and never get another job in Washington and that’s why he chose to stay.

Now the news is that trump will not fire Spicer as it will look very bad and send bad signals to other members of his staff. Instead, another position is being created for Spicer and pundits claim it is a “senior role” where he will be working off camera.

Sean Spicer has been so loyal to Trump and has defended his boss without tiring even with all the scandals that have engulfed the Trump White House. He really desrves better and Trump should be ashamed of how he has treated him.