Trump’s Fathers’ day Message Is Awkward! Is He A Good Role Model For Fathers? Yes or No?

First of all, we wish a Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers and “fathers-in-waiting”. This is a day to celebrate fatherhood and what it means to be a father. But also, it’s a day to reflect on our family lives and think if we are becoming the best dads we always wanted to be. And to treat the people in our lives even better- with kindness, compassion, love and respect.

It is a day to understand the changing family values and roles in the modern world. To understand that family is no longer dad and mum and the children. Some families have two dads and no mum involved. Others have two mums and no dad. But family is family and all should be treated equally.

Donald Trump’s message on this fathers’ day seems to have been hastily scribbled and even missing all the important details. But that is not surprising at all.

Trump claims to be a role model for stable families in America and as if that is not enough, he claims he’s a beacon a guide for conservative values across all America.

Do You Believe Trump Is A Good Role Model For Fathers? Yes or No?


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