Trump Is Determined To Spend The Rest Of His Life Seeking REVENGE!!! A Must Read!

Trump is a very malicious and vindictive individual with a desire for vengeance. This chilling account of a conversation he had over lunch with a British billionaire will leave you chilled to the bones.

Over lunch with British billionaire Richard Branson, he esplained how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying five men who had refused to help him during his bankruptcies. And that was way before Trump even joined politics and acquired new enemies like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest.

Richard Branson write in a blog post that when Trump invited him for lunch at his home in Manhattan, even before the starters arrived, he told him all about revenge. How he would spend his life revenging against people who had not helped him during his bankruptcies.

BransonĀ even wondered if Trump was threatening and bullying him into providing him with financial help but still managed to tell Trump that spending the rest of his life seeking revenge wasn’t the best way to spend his life.

One can assume that the five men he wants to destroy are bankers. And if they didn’t help him through his bankruptcies, they probably had solid reasons. They probably looked at his business history- filing for bankruptcy and avoiding to pay the lenders, or even looked at his credit ratings and business plans and decided that lending him would be simply losing the money. That’s what banks and all lenders do but Trump definitely took it personal.

Even in politics, he is mean and determined to destroy his adversaries and totally shred them with no mercy. His language is one of hate and destruction.

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