Jamie Oliver Pleads With Theresa May Not To Scrap Children’s School Meals

Celebrity TV Chef Jamie Oliver has appealed to the Prime Minister Theresa May asking her not to scrap children’s school meals.

The TV chef who has spearheaded campaigns for healthy meals for school children and families said the scrapping of school meals “puts our future generations at huge risk” by ignoring the proven benefits of a “decent lunch.”

The Independent newspaper reporting on the issue quoted Liberal Democrat education spokeswoman Sarah Olney saying: “Margaret Thatcher was know as the ‘milk snatcher’. Theresa May will go down as the ‘lunch snatcher’.”

Despite pleas from Jamie Oliver and other politicians, it’s unlikely that Theresa May will reverse her decision on scrapping school meals.

Theresa May’s Government hopes that by scrapping school meals, the Government will save a lot of money in their plans of austerity and curbing spending.

The Tory coalition with DUP is to go ahead as Britain awaits the Queen’s speech on wednesday.