Is Trump Addicted To Golden Stuff? Take A Look Through These Pictures!

Donald Trump is said to be addicted to Golden stuff. There’s even speculation that he wanted to decorate the oval office with Golden wall paper but he was advised against it.

When he received a Golden Medallion on his trip to Saudi Arabia, Twitter erupted but this wasn’t really unprecedented. Trump has always enjoyed Golden things in his life- thanks to the billion of dollars in his bank.

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Trump’s pent house at Trump Tower is decked out completely in Gold.

His personal elevator at his Trump Tower home is decked out 100% pure Gold. In the picture above, he is seen posing in his Golden elevator with Britain’s Far Right leader Nigel Farage at Trump Tower.

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His bathroom sink is made of 100% pure Gold and it has been speculated that his bathtub too is Golden. He apparently wanted a Golden mirror in his bathroom but the builders told him that Gold does not provide a clear reflection of one self when dressing up or cleaning up. He finally gave in and installed a real mirror.

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His crest is pure Gold and he has it on all his buildings, planes, furniture, cars.

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Trump’s love for Gold started many years ago.


The Queen’s Golden Carriage: According to reputable news sources, Trump clearly asked to be transported in the Queen’s Golden Carriage on his State Visit to Britain even though the British police had advised him to use his Presidential limousine which is more protected than a horse drawn carriage.

He said he will not use his Limousine and will prefer the Queen’s Golden carriage.

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