Trump Blasted For Posting “Fake Polls” On Twitter. Do You Support Him? Yes or No?

Donald Trump has posted new polls on Twitter(see picture) that claim he is very popular and has an approval rating of 50%. Trump is driven by polls and popularity and any polls indicating he is doing well make him so happy. But unfortunately for him, political analysts say the polls he’s posting on social media are totally flawed.

After he posted the polls, he was taunted and questioned on Twitter with some tweeters asking why he would believe such polls at a time when he is engulfed with the “Russian scandal”.

Trump has been busy tweeting the whole day and he said in another tweet that ” I’m being investigated for firing the FBI director by the same man who told me to fire the FBI director. Witch hunt !”  Twitter users were quick to ask him if he lets other people make decisions for him on whom to fire and can’t think for himself.

Quiz: Do you believe these polls that Trump is posting on social media?



  1. I have never supported donald trump, and never will! He is an infantile, malignant narcissist, who cannot be trusted in any way. His instability and resulting impulsive/compulsive words and actions pose a serious threat to the United States and to the World! And I do not support anyone who is in close association with him, or anyone who supports him in any way. I believe he is a liar, a cheater (in many ways), a despot, a bigot, a misogynist, a traitor, and all around incompetent individual who has no business running our nation! I would like to see him, his family, and
    his cronies permanently ousted from the government of the United States! Also, any policies, laws, appointees, and anything trump had a hand in needs to be meticulously reviewed/vetted, and reversed/dismissed as logic and humanity dictate.


    Julia K. Wilder, MA, LPC, (retired)

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