Trump Is 71 Today. Please Feel Free To Send Him A Birthday Message


Yes, Trump has turned 71 today. Although there are some claims online that he may be older than 71 .But unless we can see his birth certificate, then we just have to go with his word, right?

Please ladies and gentlemen, the platform is yours. Feel free to send Trump a birthday message, it doesn’t matter how long or how short it is but just let him know how you feel about this whole thing.


We all know he will probably eat steak with ketchup or maybe get some fries and burgers from McDonalds but hey, it’s his birthday so he can eat whatever he wants.

He is quite lucky too because he won’t be spending his birthday alone, Melania and Barron have moved in so it’s possible he will not spend the day eating junk food, drinking soda and tweeting.

Trump’s Twitter handle is: @realdonaldtrump

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