“You Make Me Nervous,” Jeff Sessions Cries Out At Senate Hearing

For Jeff Sessions, the last place in the world he wanted to be was at the Senate hearing. He has made it categorically clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with this “Russian thing” and reliable sources say he told Trump he wanted to Resign and was ready to hand in his resignation if Trump wishes.

Jeff Sessions is Trump’s favourite Attorney General who made headlines a few months ago when he indicated that he had no clue that Hawaii was part of the United States! He thought it was in the Pacific Islands somewhere near Papau New Guinea or even the Seychelles. But that’s another long story and if you are interested you can look it up on Google.

Jeff Sessions’ performance at the Senate hearing was mediocre although some pundits claim that it simply went downhill and was a total disaster.

“You Make me nervous,” he told Senator Kamala Harris when she fired tough questions and had to be saved by Republican Senator John McCain who intervened and tried to slow down the questioning.

Sessions also claimed he doesn’t remember meeting the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kisylak who has become a fixture in the Trump-Russia investigation. The Russian Ambassador’s name keeps popping up all over the place and some Political analysts clain besides being Ambassador, he’s a top spy and a recruiter of Russian agents.

Sessions admitted meeting Sergei Kislyak twice but doesn’t remember whether he met with him or not for the third time.

Political experts say after Jeff Sessions performance at the Senate hearing, Trump is going to eventually fire him.