French President Says Britain Can Cancel Brexit And Rejoin The EU, Theresa May Says No Way

French President Emmanuel Macron made a sincere offer to Britain saying “the door is still open should Britons change their mind on Brexit and want to rejoin the E.U.” He was immediately rebuffed by Theresa May who was speaking next to him at a joint Press conference about the fight against terrorism.

Mr Macron said: “Of course the door remains open, always open, until the negotiations come to an end.”

But he pointed out that “once the negotiations have started, we should be well aware that it will be more difficult to move backwards”.

Theresa May immediately responded and made it clear that Britain will not rejoin the E.U and that infact “Brexit negotiations should be starting in a week’s time and there would be no request for more time on behalf of the British people.”

Theresa May is pushing for a hard Brexit although members of her party are now changing positions and prefer a soft Brexit which means they will atleast have some business relationships with the E.U.

In a related development, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaube has also made it clear in a speech that if Britons change their position on Brexit and want to rejoin the E.U, they will be welcome but Theresa May has said there is no turning back.

Theresa May has insisted that the people voted for a hard Brexit and she will work to fulfil the will of the British people.