Wyoming Mayor Removes Portraits Of Trump And Pence From Town Hall

Pete Muldoon, Mayor of Jackson, Wyoming has become an internet sensation after removing portraits of Trump and Pence from the Town Hall and replacing them with a portrait of a Native American Warrior, Chief Washakie.

Fox News reported that while the same Town Hall proudly displayed a portrait of President Barack Obama during his terms in Office, they will not display portraits of Trump and Pence.

When Fox News contacted the Mayor, he told them he stands by his decision and said that Trump has become a divisive figure among residents of the town.

Pressed by a Fox News reporter by saying Trump won the election, the Mayor responded by saying “Trump won the election under the rules we have in place.”

“Dictators like Joseph Stalin required their portraits to be displayed everywhere. Luckily we do not live in a dictatorship,” the Mayor told the Fox News reporter.

Trump supporters took to social media to complain but at the same time the Mayor received a lot of applause from Americans who support his decision.

There is no legal requirement for a Town Hall to display a portrait of Trump and Pence so it is unlikely that Trump will sue the Mayor. If he does, then it will be one of the most idiotic cases ever.