Trump Is Likely To IMPEACH Himself. Do You Support Him On This? Yes or No?

House Minority leader Nansi Pelosi has made a stunning prediction that Donald Trump will “self-impeach” and that Democrats should wait for the Russia investigations to fully play out before pushing to remove him from office.

Pelosi also believes the Democrats should let Trump fire the special Counsel Mueller which will immediately backfire on him and even the Republicans will act against Trump on their own.

Washington has been buzzing with speculation that Donald Trump is considering to fire the Special Counsel who was appointed to oversee the Trump-Russia collusion investigations.

Should Trump fire the special counsel, it will be seen as the same pattern of firing officials who are not willing to be influenced and want to remain partial in the Trump-Russia investigations.

U.S attorney Preet Bharara was fired after refusing “unusual phonecalls” from Trump and former FBI Director James Comey was fired allegedly after refusing to end the Russia investigation.

Nancy pelosi believes that whatever strategy the President is laying will eventually backfire on him and will lead to him “impeaching himself.”

Quiz: Trump Is Likely To IMPEACH himself. Do You Support Him On This?

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