Theresa May Must Go!! Nigel Farage Angrily Rants On His Radio Show

Nigel Farage has angrily lashed out at Theresa May, saying “she must go” and that the UK needs to install a leader who can negotiate Brexit without totally giving in to all EU demands.

Speaking on his LBC radio show, Farage claimed that Theresa May was “weak” and had totally failed and performed poorly in the General election.

Mr Farage lashed out after reports that Theresa May had rejected DUP demands for Farage to be given a “Lordship” or a position in the new coalition Government.

The Democratic Unionist Party or DUP as its popularly known is reportedly in favour of Nigel Farage having a place on the Brexit negotiations table in Brussels, an idea that Theresa May is against.

Nigel Farage was hoping to have a Government position in the new coalition Government after being endorsed by DUP but has been rejected by Theresa May who says she and David Davis will be spear heading their own Brexit negotiating team.

Theresa May has refused to offer Nigel Farage a Lordship or even a Government position and this is causing much animosity as Nigel Farage feels it’s personal.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential elections, he personally endorsed and recommended that the UK Government consider installing Nigel Farage as the British Ambassador to the United States. Trump’s recommendation and request was turned down by Theresa May.