The Apprentice: Paul Ryan Wants Trump To LEARN On The Job. Do You Support Him? Yes or No?

House Speaker Paul Ryan is literally causing outrage across America by insisting that Trump should learn on the job. Being President of the United States is no mean feat and whoever thinks they are up for this job must have the intelligence, moral courage, leadership skills, world experience and the temperament required for the highest ranking job in the world.

Lacking all the above mentioned skills and assuming that one will “learn” everything on the job is quite a strange way of reasoning. But that’s exactly what Paul Ryan is suggesting when you listen to his speech in a video posted at the bottom of this article.

Paul Ryan says Trump should be excused of all his blunders and mistakes because “he’s new to Government, he has no experience in Politics and gets frustrated.” The President doesn’t understand that there must be a degree of independence between the FBI, Department Of Justice and the White House.

Please watch video below and comment. Tell us what you think of Paul Ryan’s excuses




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