No More Lonely Nights And Junk Food For Trump As Melania Moves Into White House

Trump’s days of loneliness and gorging on takeaways and junk food could be over as his wife Melania and their son Barron finally moved in to The White House. Trump will be delighted to have the company of his wife and young son and the possibility of having home cooked meals daily as opposed to the junk food he usually consumes.

Trump has stayed alone in the White House for the past 5 months as his wife and son stayed back at their Trump Tower home in New York. It was a different start for Trump as all former first families have always moved in together as family immediately after inauguration.

Trump’s wife Melania largely stayed out of the limelight but his daughter Ivanka has been taking a high profile role in Trump’s administration, taking up an office at the White House as one of his closest advisors together with her husband Jared Kushner.

Some people at first got confused that Ivanka Trump was conducting the “first lady’s” official work by public speaking and appearances and attending to workshops but it was all cleared by the White House Spokesperson that Ivanka was an advisor.

The New York Times infamously made a factural error when it reported that Ivanka Trump was the first lady which caused much confusion and uproar. The newspaper later made an apology and correction.



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