Boris Johnson “Leaked” WhatsApp Messages Are Staged And A Charade, Say Political Analysts

Political experts have rubbished “leaked” WhatsApp Messages written by Boris Johnson to a group of other Tory MPs asking them to fully support Theresa May saying the leaking was staged.

“Boris Johnson will do to Theresa May what he did to David Cameron. He wants to be leader of the Conservative Party and ultimately Prime Minister. He doesn’t care what it takes to get there. His loyalties and words will change just overnight, “wrote James Garfield, an analyst who correctly predicted Brexit, correctly predicted that Theresa May would not win by majority when all newspapers and media claimed she was popular and would win by a sounding majority.

Boris Johnson turned just overnight from a Remainer to a Brexiteer when a few Political big wigs promised him that Brexit would elevate him to the position of Prime Minister. Instead, he ended up as Foreign Secretary which in itself is good for his CV as he aims to occupy No.10 Downing Street.

While many people will believe that these leaked Whatsapp messages are genuine, politically astute people will question the intent of such messages. They will believe they were staged and intentionally leaked to deflect attention from Boris Johnson’s rumoured Prime Ministerial bid which is expected in a few weeks.

“The messages don’t make sense. Why would Boris write to Tory MP’s asking them to support Theresa May? Who else were they going to support? Jeremy Corbyn? And then the messages get conveniently leaked? Isn’t this obvious that Boris may have leaked the messages himself?” Chloe Smith wrote on a Facebook.

Many people believe that Boris Johnson will not rest until he becomes Prime Minister no matter who gets betrayed in the process.



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