Boris Johnson Branded A WannaBe Churchill, Blasted For Being A Shallow Opportunist

Boris Johnson has been blasted for being a shallow opportunist and about “as deep as a blackhead” by Scottish film star Brian Cox ahead of the release of Winston Churchill’s biopic in which Cox is acting as the war time statesman.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Brian Cox spoke about Winston Churchill and what the great British war time Prime Minister would have thought of Boris Johnson and US President Trump.

“Churchill would have thought Donald Trump was an idiot. He was a man of principle, and I don’t think he would have liked Boris Johnson, who wrote a book about him. Johnson thinks of himself as Churchill, but he hasn’t got the gumption of Churchill. He is an opportunist, and he is about as deep as a blackhead.”

The observation will surely haunt Boris Johnson who is one of the leading admirers of Winston Churchill and some say his Prime Ministerial ambitions could be partly inspired by his admiration of the war time Prime Minister.

Boris wrote a book about Winston Churchill called “The Churchill Factor” which was very well received in the British media and got very good reviews.

The movie Churchill starring Brian Cox will be in cinemas on Friday 16th of June.