Donald Trump Turns 71 On 14th June. What Would You Say To Him? Any Message?

Image: REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Donald Trump will be turning 71 in a few days’ time, precisely on 14 of June. It is unknown if he will be throwing a big birthday bash especially with the current situation and the scandal he is embroiled in.

He is facing off with former FBI Director James Comey and has offered to testify under oath and tell 100% truth about his conversations with Comey.

The investigation into the Trump-Russia connection is getting worse everyday and it has become painfully prolonged as the Senate Committee seeks more evidence and more witnesses.

Trump suggested via Twitter that he may have tapes of his conversations with James Comey which surprised many as it may bring up al legal complications should it transpire that Trump taped his guest(Comey) in the White House and whether taping private conversations in the oval office is acceptable.

Comey has challenged Trump to produce the tapes and this will get even more interesting. Trump’s 71st birthday will definitely be a memorable one- a birthday celebrated while under investigation for having his campaign team colluding with Russia.

What will you say to Trump on his birthday? Will you wish him a happy birthday? Do you have any message you would like delivered to Trump on his bithday?

Then write the message in the comments section and SHARE the article. We shall compile these messages and send them in a mass email to the White House on Trump’s birthday.