Trump Chickens Out Of State Visit To Britain After Massive Protests

Trump’s State visit to the U.K has been called off after massive protests from Britons who have made it clear that they will not entertain his bigotry, crude language, arrogance and plain disrepect and disregard for people who hold a different opinion from him.

Three petitions have already been signed by Britons, amassing millions of signatures and all protesting Trump’s State visit to Britain.

According to a report by The Guardian, Trump called the British Prime Minister Theresa May and told her he does not want to go ahead with the State visit to the U.K until the British public supports him coming.

Theresa May had invited Trump to Britain just seven days after his inauguration and since his fiery speeches, his railing against Mexicans and foreigners, his Muslim ban and his divisive rhetoric, Trump has been a figure despised and disliked by Britons.

His recent trip to Europe where he lectured NATO leaders, shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro and then withdrew the U.S from the Paris Climate Accord just drove the point home to Britons that this was a man with no conscience and who would never change.

Then came the London Bridge terrorist attacks and Trump waded into the row by immediately attacking the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim and taking his words out of context. Britons immediately blasted Trump for his attacks on the London Mayor which were completely unfair, of poor taste and not out character Trump.

Britons have been preparing for months for massive protests when Trump visits and the London Police authorities were deploying extra officers and resources to monitor the protests which were expected to draw hundreds of thousands of Britons into the City of London and bring the capital to a stand still.

Trump’s cancellation of his State visit has been received with joy and celebration in Britain. Many people took to Twitter to “thank Trump for not coming.”