Do You Trust Trump To Tell 100% TRUTH Under Oath? Yes or No?

As the Trump-Russia “cloud” gathers and immediately after former FBI Director James Comey gave his testimony at the Senate hearing, Trump branded him a “liar” and the President has now offered to testify and tell 100% truth under oath.

The Republicans are now shouting “Victory!” and claiming that because Trump is willing to testify under oath, therefore he will be telling the American public 100% the truth.

Testifying under oath means one is making a solemn promise to tell nothing but the truth.

“One hundred percent,” Trump said when asked if he would give a sworn statement to Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading the investigation into Russia’s election interference.

“I would be glad to tell him exactly what I told you,” the president said during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden.

Trump also claims that Comey’s testimony vindicated him and proves he is innocent. That claim is hard to figure out as experts reading through Comey’s opening statement point out a few concerns.

Read Comey’s full opening statement to the Senate here and please comment and share.

Quiz: Do You Trust Trump to tell 100% Truth Under Oath? Yes or No?