Picture of “Boris” On Way To Overthrow Theresa May Goes Viral As Twitter Erupts!!

A motorist in London took a photo of “Boris Johnson” cycling furiously with sagging shorts and it is going viral on social media especially Twitter.

The photo of a blonde chubby man with a striking resemblance to Boris Johnson was uploaded with the caption “Boris on the way to overthrow Theresa May” and the photo has caused much debate online.

Many Tweeters are unsure if indeed the cyclist is Boris Johnson or not and the Foreign Secetary himself has not said a word about the picture.

If the cyclist turns out to be Boris Johnson who is a keen cyclist too, then it will be totally wrong timing and could lead to a fall in ratings for the Foreign Secretary who is now being billed as the favourite to take over from Theresa May.

Boris Johnson has previously lashed at Jeremy Corbyn and labelled him a “mugwump” so this will be an opportunity for Jeremy Corbyn fans to get back at Boris should this image get verified.

Jeremy Corbyn will probably chuckle when he sees this image.

Image credit: Twitter

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