The Apprentice: Trump Is New To Government, He Is LEARNING On The Job- Paul Ryan

This may be the most ridiculous, outrageous and dumbest excuse given to defend Trump’s misssteps and mishaps that have turned him into a laughing stock at home and on the global stage but Paul Ryan has gone ahead and given the excuse.

It is hard to know if Paul Ryan was sincere in his defence of Trump by giving such a ridiculous excuse or if he was actually mocking Trump. In fact his statement just insinuates that Trump is “learning”

Paul Ryan was responding to questions why Trump doesn’t understand the basic functioning of Government; the independence of the FBI from the Executive and the Judiciary. This lack of understanding is why Trump was pushing for more contact with ex FBI director James Comey and allegedly trying to influence him on how the FBI should conduct the Trump-Russia investigation.

This is Paul Ryan’s response, word by word, ” The President is new at this,he’s new at Government, so he wasn’t steeped in the long running protocol that establishes the relationship between the DOJ, FBI and the White House. He’s just new to this.. So we know now why he was frustrated.”