Liar!Liar! James Comey Calls Trump A Liar 5 Times At Senate Hearing. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

YES! YES! YES! Trump is a liar. He can sue us if he wants because we have mounting evidence that he is a habitual liar. He makes up stories, makes false statements, makes blatant claims and lies, and just can’t stop lying. At the Senate hearing today, James Comey gave compelling evidence and proved the Trump had made false statements and even better, Comey has called out the President to provide the tapes of their conversations and meetings which the President claims he had.

Is the President even legally allowed to secretly record a meeting on tape with the FBI director in the White House? What the heck is that? Is he a President or a spy? It’s all bizarre! If he can produce that tape then we shall see if doesn’t actually backfire on him. But does the tape even exist? Or it’s another of the Presient’s lie? From James Comey’s statements at the Senate hearing, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the President tried to apply some pressure on Comey to “let the Russian investigation go.”

“Many people want your job,” he told Comey when they had just met. Does it take a genius to work out what such a statement means? Means if he didn’t do as Trump wanted then he’d fire him. And eventually Comey was fired and the reason is apparent, because of the FBI investigation into Russian ties to Trump’s campaign team. Read Ex FBI Director James Comey’s full opening statement to the Senate hearing here and share it.

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