Dirty Smears By Tories And British Media Failed To Derail Jeremy Corbyn

OPINION: Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have performed extra ordinarily well given that all the U.K media was extremely hostile and against Jeremy Corbyn. Had Corbyn received free and fair media coverage through out the Campaign, Labour Party would have won the General Elections by a sound majority.

Yesterday, all newspapers endorsed Theresa May on their front page including the Independent which had seemed fair and balanced previously. The papers did not only endorse Theresa May but also negatively attacked Jeremy Corbyn with claims that Britain will suffer under him, he would raise taxes, and also really falsely tied Jeremy Corbyn to the IRA and also made claims that he sympathised with Jihadi groups and terrorists.

Jeremy Corbyn loves Britain just like any other briton and he wouldn’t ever sympathise with people who are bound to hurt this country and its people. So the fear mongering and scare tactics were so disgusting and the Media should do the honourable thing and retract their claims and apologise to Jeremy Corbyn and to the British people.

The fear mongering against Jeremy Corbyn in the British media is so disgusting  Pretty much all the British Media unfairly ganged up against Jeremy Corbyn and intended to sink the Labour Party for good but it all has backfired. The hate and ugly smears in Politics must end.

The hung Parliament is not the best result for Labour Party but it is a good start.

Professor Ed Chambers