The New INTERNET: Britons Could Be JAILED For Posting “Unacceptable” Comments On Facebook

Britons have been warned to watch what they post on Facebook especially in the comments section as they could be prosecuted and jailed under new laws that are soon to be introduced. (A large fine or two years in jail is the penalty many Facebook users will likely face)

Cheshire Police has sent out numerous warnings to the public asking them to watch what they post on social media.

Many are unaware of the new regulations and assume they are still entitled to a right to Privacy which is enshrined in the Human Rights Laws. Legal experts say that Britons are no longer protected by the Human Rights Law which protects their right to Privacy and free speech since that very law is the a fundamental of the European Court of Human Rights which Britain has just unsubscribed from by way of Brexit.

In fact, Brexit was campaigned and sold on the basis of Britain being “set free” from what Brexiteers called “European Human Rights.”

Without the controls of the Human Rights Laws, the internet in Britain will be policed and constantly monitored in what the Government says is a plan to tackle terrorism and brainwashing of Muslim men but the reality is that many extremists have been brainwashed in some London Mosques by radical preachers and others by radicals in their own communities. While the Government claims that the Internet is the leading cause of terrorism, they have not provided a compelling research or study, or any research whatsover besides pointing fingers at radical preachers on YouTube.

In a new developing story, Anonymous has revealed that they have accessed high priority documents revealing that Britain plans to build its own type of internet where every text message, every image, every post will be monitored and logged. At the moment we don’t have further credible information on this but you can count on us to be among the first to report it once credible information is revealed.

Anonymous is not a “credible” as such (it’s actually complicated), but they and together with wikileaks have always had unorthodox ways of accessing higly classified inforation which they release on the internet and most of the time it is actually accurate.

NOTE: We do not endorse either wikileaks or Anonymous and if you access such information depending on your jurisdiction, we can not be held liable if you break the law. Please read our Privacy Policy.

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Image credit: Express news