Jeremy Corbyn Is Right: British Foreign Policy Is IMMORAL And Needs An Overhaul

Having a Foreign Policy that is based on solely peddling dangerous weapons and fire arms to the most brutal and dictatorial regimes in the world is IMMORAL and needs to be changed completely.

Tim Farron of Liberal Democrats and Jeremy Corbyn have called upon Theresa May to release to the British public documentation relating to the business deals Theresa May has signed with the Saudis but Theresa May has said such documents may never be revealed to the public while admitting that they may “contain embarassing revelations.”

Such business deals are done in the most secretive way and without the knowledge of the British public because millions of Britons would never endorse such business deals with the most brutal regimes in the world.

Britain’s arms trade is among the most pervasive and aggressive in the world and British weapons are sold and proliferated all over the world and British made weapons are to be found in every war torn part of the world.

Some of these weapons have been used against our own British troops in Afhganistan, Iraq and other war zones where they went to keep peace.

Saudi Arabia which is Britain’s “trading partner” directly or indirectly proliferates and provides weapons and funding to Jihadi groups in different parts of the World.

When chemical weapons were allegedly used in Syria, there were reports that those weapons originated from Britain intended for the manufacture of “fertiliser”. The British government did not deny or comfirm that those chemical weapons had originated from Britain.

When Jeremy Corbyn questioned Britain’s foreign policy and arms trade, he was viciously attacked by the right wing press, by Boris Johnson and by Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn has proven that he is among a very rare breed of politicians who are willing to speak out on very sensitive subjects even if it means they will become unpopular by saying the truth.

Even China and Japan are laughing at us. These are extremely wealthy and powerful nations whose foreign policy is about making money without peddling weapons but by the transfer of their skills in construction of bridges, roads, railways, building high speed rail networks for developing countries and innovating in the auto industry.

Britain’s Foreign Policy is immoral and poses security threats not only to most parts of the world but also to Britain.


Ed Chambers


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