Fox News Praises Trump For Withdrawing From Climate Change Accord, Say He’s Winning

Fox News has applauded President Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Agreement and said that it shows that Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises and winning.

“By that yardstick, President Trump is on a winning streak. He’s come out on top two weeks in a row.

Following his successful first foreign trip, Trump last week stayed true to a major campaign promise by withdrawing from the international climate accord. Almost as important as his Americans First logic — Pittsburgh vs Paris — was the fact that his White House was at its best in backing up the boss,”  the opinion piece published on 5th June 2017 and written by Michael Goodwin claims.

Trump’s position on climate change is well known and can be found on his previous tweets or by searching Google. Among other bizzare claims, Trump says that Climate Change, and to frame it in his words, “was invented by the Chinese to hinder American Industrial growth and manufacturing output.”

His claims on Climate change are not based on any scientific study or research and he doesn’t quote any reputable or authoritative sources.

The opinion piece applauding Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change accord can be found here

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