Theresa May “Should Be Resigning Not Seeking Re-Election,” Says David Cameron’s Advisor

Theresa May’s re-election campaign has suffered yet another blow as David Cameron’s Political advisor and strategist Steve Hilton called on her to resign for the “security failures” that led to the dangerous terrorist attacks in the past three months.

Theresa May “should be resigning not seeking re-election”, Steve Hilton said in a statement before adding that Theresa May had been “blame shifting” since the terror attacks unfolded.

Writing on Twitter at his @SteveHiltonx  handle, he said, ” Her spin doctors attack M15, but she was in charge of them for years.”

The criticism by Steve Hilton, an influential figure in the Conservative Party and a close friend and advisor to David Cameron will deal a big blow to Theresa May’s re-election campaign and goes to show the level of quiet discontent with in the Labour Party.

David Cameron did not speak for or against May but it is believed there is much confusion and division within the Tory Party ranks.

In a related development, a scandal is slowly unfolding that will blow open Britain’s business relationship with Saudi Arabia as there are reports and allegations that Britain has been arming Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia has been forwarding the weapons to radical extremist jihadists. Tim Farron and Jeremy Corbyn have been calling upon Theresa May to release documents relating to the British-Saudi Arabia trade deals.