Theresa May Blames The INTERNET For Terrorism. Do You Agree With Her? Yes or No?

Despite all the research that shows that Terrorism precedes the internet and is even highly prevalent in war torn nations with no internet or modern communications infrastructure, Theresa May continues to blame the INTERNET for Terrorism. ┬áBut when you think of it, it’s like blaming the van that was driven into the crowds for terrorism.

You can’t blame the tool or equipment. You blame the person using the tool. You can’t blame the van that was driven into the crowds at London Bridge, you can’t blame the knives they used, you can’t blame the mobile phones they used to communicate. It’s the people(terrorists) and their support network that have to be blamed and held to account.

It’s true the state can police the internet and scan messages , emails, and phone calls but that should not be the main strategy in fighting terrorism.

Terrorism precedes the internet, we had the bombing of the PanAm Aircraft in Lockerbie in the 1980s way before Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp, we had the terrorist attacks at the Munich Olympics in Germany decades ago, the World Trade Centre bombing by a truck bomb and then ultimately the bombing and total destruction of the Twin towers at the World Trade centre using aircraft hijacked and flown by Saudi pilots who were studying aviation and piloting at U.S Universities. In Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries at the mercy of radicals, terrorism is pretty much prevalent whether they have the internet or not.. And they recruit massively.

Osama Bin Laden actually ran Alqaeda by avoiding the internet or any modern communication systems and that’s how he managed to evade capture and live pretty much in plain sight in Pakistan, just a few miles away from a military barracks. Without the internet, he grew Alqaeda and recruted hundreds of thousands of Jihadis.

Terrorism is a serious scourge that is deeply embedded in extremists’ minds and it’s an evil that should be uprooted once and for all. But blaming terrorism on the internet is living in denial.

The Manchester bomber was a British-Libyan terrorist whose British father and brother were allowed to travel and fight in a jihad in Libya against former Libyan leader Muammar Khadaffi. The bomber himself possibly fought in a jihadi in Libya as he travelled there frequently. There is probably hundreds of British jihadis currently fighting in syria, many of them commiting heinous crimes and the worst atrocities possibles. A terrorist named “John” spoke with a crisp London accent and appeared in many ISIL propaganda videos brutally decapitating people. Now, that is the real problem we have with home grown terrorists and that’s what we have to face and fight day and night. Making a good speech about the control of the internet wil not frighten the terrorists.

Do you support Theresa May on her claim that the Internet is the major cause of terrorism? Yes or No?