“We have Been Duped!” Some Of Trump’s Supporters Are Starting To Question Everything

The above picture of Melania Trump in Italy coninues to cause divided opinion among Trump’s fans and it is quite a complex situation but we shall explain as much as we can. Trump’s supporters are as hard core as anyone can get but some are slowly opening their eyes and starting to question everything especially after Trump’s nearly disastrous foreign trip that saw him visit parts of the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Trump claimed in typical fashion that his foreign trip was a huge success  but that is open to debate and we made a poll on that issue and got overwhelming results giving a different opinion.

At a luncheon with other spouses of world leaders at theG7 summit in Europe, Melania Trump wore a Dolce and Gabana jacket that costs a whopping $US 50,000 and this caused disbelief as commentators said that she should have dressed modestly so as not to be alienated from her husband’s supporters some of whom would have to work an entire year to earn $US 50,000.

Now the debate is being reignited online on pro-Trump forums where some supporters claim they have been “duped” by Trump and his family.

“How can Trump continue telling us to buy American and hire American and America First when his wife will go and buy an Italian made jacket by an Italian designer for that ridiculous amount of money?” asked one confused Trump supporter after being told of Melania’s jacket and the price tag.

Others however supported Trump and said he was a billionaire and his family can spend as much as they want.

It has also been revealed that Ivanka Trump’s shoe company has a factory in China where roughly 2 million pairs of shoes are made for Ivanka’s brand each year.

Some of Trump supporters are worried about the scrapping of Obama care and don’t know what Trump Care will bring for them.

Watch this interview of a Trump supporter who is full of regrets and believed every word Trump said on the campaign trail and now is full of regrets.





  1. “Some of whom have to work an entire year to earn $50,000” I would say the most of Trumps supporter earn well under that amount. In the south $50,000 is a hefty salary and if you look a the median income in those areas median income falls far below that level. Kentucky for example, the median income is just over $24,000, Arizona just over $26,000, Wisconsin just under $33,000, Michigan $45,000, Mississippi $21,653. What can I say Trumpsters, if you want a jacket like that you’d best find a second, third, or fourth full-time job.

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