U.K Prime Minister Blames The INTERNET For Terrorism As Mass Surveillance State Beckons

U.K Prime Minister Theresa May has in an unprecedented move focussed on the internet as a breeding ground of terrorism and a catalyst of extremist violence as she strategically pitches for a mass surveillance state.

Critics have been quick to jump on the issue and explain that the internet can’t be blamed for Terrorism.

“The internet is a tool that is used by radical jihadis just like they would use a gun or a knife. Just like they would hire a van and drive it into a crowd. You don’t blame the van! you blame the terrorist. The van is just a tool,” said Samuel Walter, a geopolitical expert who has studied radical Islam.

For Theresa May to blame the internet for radical extremism is quite a misunderstanding of the whole concept of Jihadi and radicals. While it is true the internet is used for recruitment and communication among radical extremists, it is just a medium through which these radicals communicate, just an enabler and not the cause.

And while it is true that people of questionable behaviour or who pose a threat to national security should be monitored through all avenues, due diligence should be taken to make sure that the whole of Britain does not lose its privacy and civil liberties because of a handful of criminals and radical extremists.

Those who missed clearly reading the Conservative Party Manifesto would be delighted to go and read it again and see that it already contained passages about what would be called total control and surveillance of the internet.

Now these radical extremists have just added fuel to the fire. Britons will soon wake up and find that their emails, whatsapp messages, social media are scanned frequently to weed out any terror threats.




  1. Bits and Bytes don’t kill people, people kill people especially those constantly chanting sound bites. There is an infinite number of encryption techniques you can use without resorting to using WhatsApp etc… ask anyone in GCHQ. Just recording your message in Arabic on a tape recorder, play it backwards via a standard phone call to your intended recipient who records it and plays it backwards. It’s all just a political ploy to infringe the rights of the public. Mrs May should seriously consider resigning.

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