Three Months, Three Terror Attacks : Britain Is Home To Over 20,000 Radical Jihadists

A report released by the Times newspaper revealed that there are over 23,000 radical jihadists with in Britain. This report only comfirms what many have already known.

There is massive radicalisation and “brainwashing” by radical extremist preachers in Britain. Some are street preachers, others use the internet but others directly preach at some mosques in the British capital.

Hundreds of British Muslims travelled to fight in Syria and others travelled to fight Jihad battles in Libya and other places during the Arab spring.

Theresa May and Nigel Farage believe that by cutting off immigration and closing borders they can stop or control terrorism. Nigel Farage particularly will take these incidents as a sign to seal off the borders.

But observers point to the enemy within, the home grown terrorists. The terrorist who attacked and knocked down people at Westminster bridge before killing a Police Officer at the Houses of Parliament was hardly an immigrant. He was a British radical jihadist.

The Manchester bomber who killed many concert goers and injured many more was a home grown terrorist too. A British-Libyan Muslim, his father and other family had travelled from Britain to Libya to fight alongside the radical jihadists that toppled Libyan dictator Muammar Khadaffi. He too spent time in Libya probably fighting or training, then returned to detonate a bomb at a concert in Manchester.

For the London Bridge attacks, not much information has been released to the public about the terrorists but it’s possible they are “the enemies within” or “home grown jihadi terrorists.”

Theresa May should make a plan not only to fight ISIS and Alqaeda but also an aggressive strategy to fight the “enemies within” and prevent such incidents from becoming a regular occurence.