Putin Speaks On U.S Elections, Says Cyber Attacks Are Too Easy Even A Three Year Old Could Have Done It.

Russian President Vladmir Putin continues to laugh at what is happening in Washington but in this interview he has simply taken it too far and admitted that the U.S computer systems can be hacked even by a toddler. To put it in his exact words, he said “even a three year old could have hacked the 2016 U.S Presidential elections.”

This just goes to show how America lags behind when it comes to cyber war fare. Russia and China are so far advanced and their cyber operations and strategy are the best in the world.

This comes after all conclusive evidence shows that the U.S elections were deliberately hacked and influenced by Russian hackers. In other statements, Putin has said admitted that the hackers were Russian but they “Patriotic Russians working on their own initiative and not under the instruction of Putin.”

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