Australian Senator Calls For Muslim Ban After London Bridge Terrorist Attack, Faces Backlash On Social Media

Australia could be the next country to implement a “Muslim ban” after an Australian senior politician called for a “Muslim ban” hours after a terrorist attack at the iconic London Bridge in the British capital.

Pauline Hanson, the leader of One Nation Party posted on Twitter calling upon her fellow Australians “to stop Muslim immigration before it is too late.”

The Senator immediately faced backlash immediately after posting the message on Twitter as many people on Social media told her that she was playing into the hands of terrorists who want a divided and closed off society.

She was blasted by other politicians who said that her comments fuel bigotry and even fuel radicalisation.

The attack at London Bridge attack left 7 people dead and more than 48 injured. Some of the injured are in critical condition and the 3 terrorists were shot dead by police.



  1. She obviously has other stressful issues in her life to blame one whole race for something one individual did. Get a grip.

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