Allahu Akbar! Terrorists Shouted As They Chased And Stabbed People at London Bridge

4th June 2017

Survivors of the London Bridge attack say they heard shouts of “Allahu Akbar” before a group of jihadi fighters started to chase and stab people after they had finished deliberately driving a hired van through a crowd of pedestrians on the iconic London bridge.

One of the survivors speaking on BBC TV said he heard shouts of “Allahu Akbar” and then suddenly he saw people running on the streets being chased by knife wielding jihadis. “Allahu Akbar” has become the battle cry by jihadists before they set off bombs or go on shooting sprees. Some terrorism experts warn people that when you are in a crowd and hear the words “Allahu Akbar”, you just calmly walk away as fast as possible.

The latest attack in the British capital bears striking resemblance to the attack on westminister bridge and houses of Parliament just weeks ago when a jihadi fighter drove a hired car and deliberately knocked down pedestrians on Westminister bridge before proceeding to the House of parliament where he stabbed and killed a Police officer.

Reports say the terrorists killed six people and injured many more who are currently in hospitals. The terrorists were shot dead by Police and further investigations are ongoing to see if there are any accomplices out there.

This incident comes soon after the suicide bombing at an Arianne Grande concert in Manchester in which a British-Libyan terrorist set off a bomb killing scores and leaving many seriously injured.