So What Camp Is Theresa May In? Do You Trust Her To Lead With Integrity? Yes or No?

A disgruntled Tory activist has released pictures of Theresa May on the campaign trail against Brexit in what is definitely one of the biggest contradictions yet as many people will struggle to understand what exactly she stands for and if she does one thing and says the other.

Reports indicate that Theresa May was a strong believer in Britain remaining a part of the European Union and campaigned passionately for the Remain camp only to switch suddenly and just overnight was then campaigning for not only Brexit but pushing for a very hard Brexit.

Many of the Tory supporters seemed confused by this sudden change of heart according to a discussion on a private Tory Facebook group of which our reporter is a member.

There seems to be a glimmer of doubt among some Tory activists who think Theresa May could turn on them at some point and abandon many of their proposals and issues that they have been campaigning for and are passionate about.

Seeing Theresa May harshly criticise the E.U and push for a hard Brexit, it is hard to even imagine that at one point she campaigned passionately asking Britons to stay in the E.U and telling them that staying in the E.U would make Britain stronger and safer.

Quiz: Do you trust Theresa May to lead with Integrity? Yes or No?


  1. Theresa May is fatally flawed by her weak wobbly and dishonest campaign. Even if she wins, she no longer has the authority to lead the country or lead the Brexit negotiations.

    Time for her to go. Move over for someone who cares about the future of the British people.

  2. if she had not made so many cut backs the troubles might not have been so severe, shes need to accept she is a big part of the problem

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