Kris Jenner Blamed For Everything In Caitlyn Jenner’s New Book “The Secrets Of My Life”

Kris Jenner has been dragged through the mud in Caitlyn’s brand new book. Kris is being used as the scapegoat for everything that happened in their marriage. Since they married all those years ago Caitlyn never paid even one bill and accused Kris of hiding money when they didnt even have any.

Kris Jenner only finds out the real reason Caitlyn Jenner divorced Linda Thompson by reading the book. Caitlyn had to tell a very angry Linda about her gender dysphoria which is only found out now after remarrying and having a further 2 children.

Caitlyn Jenner could have dealt with this in a completely different way by writing about her transition from man to women instead she has wrote a book about The Kardashians in a very negative way. She criticised the kids even though she bought them up from a very young age.

If Kris knew the real reason Caitlyn’s second marriage ended would they have married and Caitlyn had 2 children with Kris????