Theresa May Unhappy With Amber Rudd’s Performance In Leadership TV Debate As It Led To Downward Spiral In Polls

Tory Insiders are secretly blaming Amber Rudd for the slide in polls this week showing that Labour has surged far ahead and if these latest polls (YouGov/Queen Mary University) are to be believed, Jeremy corbyn is just on the brink of victory.

Conservative activists are struggling to put up with the slide in polls and are vigorosly campaigning in the final week as many blame Amber Rudd’s performance and saying she did not articulate and properly lay out the Tory plans and vision for the country at the leadership TV debate.

“Theresa May was far ahead in the polls and it is only after the leadership TV debate where Amber Rudd spoke on her behalf that our party started to be slaughtered in the polls. Now we have a few days to put our act together and regain our original pole position,” wrote T.J. Smith on Reddit, a popular social networking site.

Theresa May was the only Main Party candidate not to appear at the leadership TV debate as she said she had no time for T.V debates as she was “busy talking to the voters on the campaign trail.”

Other main parties all had their candidates at the TV debate and political experts claim that Theresa May missed an opportunity to tap into the TV audience which was millions of voters.

Claims have also surfaced that Theresa May had planned to send Boris Johnson to represent her at the TV debates but Tory insiders advised her against the gaffe prone Secretary of State.

Britain goes to the polls on 8th June. Current polls indicate Jeremy Corbyn leading but other commentators are doubting the accuracy of the polls so it remains to be seen who will win the election.

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  3. Theresa chickens, and they blame her substitute?

    Trump’s Handmaiden is the problem. And Boris, and Davies, and Hunt, and… But most of all Theresa.

  4. Anyone that Votes Conservative is voting for genocide of the disabled, poor and elderly and deserves to be held to account in the Hague along side these sick bastards !

  5. The Tories are ‘the one eyed party’ if you look carefully at their faces you will notice that one of their eyes has a look of kindness and good will. That is the glass one!.

  6. what kind of Monster of a boss tells you to go speak for her on National TV 2 days after your father dies? And then is unhappy about your performance?

  7. In what distorted universe did Theresa May think she was ahead in the opinion polls until Amber Rudds debate? I think she’s deluded

  8. It is not even true. The conservative lead had dropped at least 15 points before Rudd even appeared on the program.

  9. If May is not happy with Amber Rudd’s performance -bearing in mind that Rudd’s Father died on Monday – perhaps the strong and stable PRIME MINISTER should have attended the debate HERSELF. As she couldn’t be bothered, she has no right to criticise Amber Rudd’s performance. God knows May’s performance on the One Show was beyond diabolical.

    • I have not yet witnessed Therea May performing better than Amber Rudd. I didn’t agree with her views as Corbyn was calm & straightforward expressing caring attitudes that would be so good for the ordinary people of this country. Whereas the Tory view was removed from the average person’s needs.

    • Wrong Bonnie Blackie. Madame May was very bothered. But she was in her study back home going over Brexit. Some people have a day job, and some like Madame May have a 24/7 job looking after the security of her citizens. We tend to forget that were it not for the measures that she put in during her 6-year tenure as Home Secretary, the Manchester disaster would…. sorry people, Condolences to the Manchester Families, they have not stopped grieving.

  10. Only person to blame is Strong and Stable – May. Only Weak and Wobbly with no costed policies, and no definitive answers to any questions. Tories out!

  11. “it is only after the leadership TV debate where Amber Rudd spoke on her behalf that our party started to be slaughtered in the polls.”
    Umm… No. It was after people realised that they were going to lose their NHS, that their kids would be cleaning their own schools and be taught in classes of 60 like Victorian urchins, that they would lose their homes if one of them developed dementia or other terminal illness, and that “strong and stable” meann backflip on everything including “no early election”.
    Amber Rudd was just the straw that broke a very debilitated camel’s back

  12. You can’t refuse to take part in a debate then blame your replacement for failure. If you want a job doing, do it your bloody self!

  13. May is desperate, her acolytes and sycophants are desperate, her followers are in a state of confusion and have no idea what she stands for anymore… Meanwhile with just a teeny bit of goading, I think she could throw a king size wobbly in camera.

  14. The oft quoted sinario of the Tories purposely throwing this election is beginning to look not so far fetched!

  15. Of course she didn’t perform well, her dad died 48 hours before the debate! Theresa May knew this and still forced her to go! It was sick!

    • I think Mrs M has lost all of her compassion… if she had any to start with…. So much for being a vicar’s daughter….!

  16. May has proved such a public relations disaster that the Tory Party has to manage her every word and every move. It has got to the point that they prefer that her (alleged) words are quoted rather than broadcast as she speaks them.

    The word is that they wish they had a spitting image puppet they could use for damage limitation.

  17. People were seeing through the lies of Theresa May long before this. What a nasty woman to blame Amber Rudd, though I found her very hard and strident at the debate. Our only chance for a fair society is to vote for a decent, genuine person who really cares…Jeremy Corbyn

  18. Come what May, the Blairites are are in despair. Another double whammy. Can it get any better. Of course.

  19. What rubbish, Elmer Fudd gets thrown to the wolves to try to deflect from May’s disastrous campaign. As for blaming Fudd for the polls slide, what utter rubbish. The Tories have been dropping consistently in the polls for weeks before this debate. She merely put the icing on the cake, being yet another mayonnaise Tory (rich, thick and oily).
    How typical of May, trying to deflect from her own failings. How typical of Tories, trying to blame a ridiculously bad campaign on one person.


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