Jeremy Corbyn Takes London As Latest YouGov Polls Show Theresa May Lagging Behind

Labour is on 50%, Tories on 33% ! (YouGov/ Queen Mary University polls) these are sample polls from 26th May to 31st May, basically the latest polls. Jeremy Corbyn now dominates in London, both the city and greater London area which is a very influential area but also historically Greater London has always been liberal and held liberal values.

Unless Jeremy Corbyn “cocks up” in these last days, the election is his for the taking. These polls are not exactly accurate to the dot but can paint a general picture of what the election will be like.

YOUNG VOTERS: Also, Jeremy Corbyn’s election will be sealed depending on how many young people turn out to vote as Labour is widely popular among young people who have all but failed to make sense of the Conservative Party manifesto.

Many young people identify with Liberal values in a changing Britain and after a painful Brexit referendum that they are well aware will change their way of life, will make it harder for them to travel and work freely all over Europe and will leave them isolated instead of being part of a bigger European Union.

Theresa May will meanwhile campaign fearlessly in the final days of the election to try and change the tide of the election. No single vote can be taken for granted.

Britain goes to the polls on 8th June.


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