Help Me Fulfill Promise Of BREXIT! Cries Theresa May. Will You Help Her? Yes Or No?

Theresa May is calling upon Britons to “help her fulfil the promise of Brexit” as the 8th June election date approaches. According to the BBC, Mrs May will pledge to use “the promise of Brexit” to build a “stronger, fairer and even more prosperous” country.

Mrs May says she is the only one capable of leading Britain well through the Brexit negotiations and claims that Jeremy Corbyn will be “alone and naked” if he is the one to go to the E.U for negotiations.

The election is now just a few days away as polls indicate that both Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck in the polls though some polls show that the Tories are just 3 points ahead of Labour. Undecided voters will be the ones to definitely decide who wins this election.

So as Theresa May calls out to help her fulfil her Brexit promise, we ask our esteemed leaders.

Will you help Theresa May? Yes or No? Comment and SHARE!


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  10. Of course I will help her, to pack her bags that is when she leaves number 10 to make room for JC

  11. NO WAY. She must be joking !! As said in a post before. There is no logic to Brexit.
    It’s the most stupid thing this country has ever, ever, contemplated doing.
    She is alienating our European friends and I am embarrassed to be in anyway connected with it.
    Not in my name !!

  12. No, she can do one, she’s rude and overbearing to her own staff, devious and two-faced, carping and arrogant to everyone else. She and her so-called team will make a mess of it. They don’t care, they’ll still be rich whatever happens. By contrast Corbyn seems calm and rational, much more statesmanlike

  13. Dear Theresa,
    in answer to your question: off fuck…. rearrange these words to form a well known Anglo Saxon response to your question.

  14. The way the Tories are conducting this Election I get the impression they are deliberately trying to loose it. Either that or they are all totally Incompetent. I think they have over the last 6-7 years they have seen their austerity policy continually showing signs of not working and they don’t have a plan B. Our national debt was at around 65% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) when they took over from Labour. It now is at around 89% of GDP, we have had 6-7 years of austerity inflicted on the ordinary working people of the UK and our situation has got worse. This is in the light of a drop in the top rate of tax from 50% to 45% and cuts in corporation taxes. The Tories are supposed to be better with the economy than all the other parties, but this is not true. In fact they have been consistently worse than Labour over the years. As for May herself, she does not create a good impression by not debating in public with the other candidates, it makes her look weak and timid. She is not a good leader and in my opinion would not be of any use in the Brexit negotiations. I will be voting Labour and hoping that they can pull us out of this mess by redistributing the wealth of the country from the Rich and big business to the ordinary people by public spending creating many more jobs and stimulating the economy into strong and stable growth (sorry couldn’t resist it). We need to expand GDP, whilst navigating through the turbulent waters of Brexit. These are worrying times, we MUST NOT get into the territory where the Greeks found themselves whereby their GDP was significantly less than their national debt.



  16. NO, NO, NO & a trillion times NO!

    Theresa May and the Conservatives are an utter disgrace (and I normally vote Tory, but NEVER again now).

    BREXIT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A DISASTER for our country and for our children’s futures.

    The weak and wobbly dictator May can get stuffed!

  17. I’m surprised that nobody at all so far has thought that Brexit is a good idea. But since the beginning Brexit has promised to ruin our economy, as we turn our back on our closest neighbours and try to find other markets in which to sell our goods and services. So no, Mrs May, I do NOT intend to help you screw the country.

  18. No, No No and No again. She is a weak and wobbly shambles who dare not face the electorate or even the opposition politicians.

  19. She can’t even come to a debate with six people who all speak her language, how the heck will she negotiate with 27 other leaders, some hostile and most wanting us to stay? She won’t debate Jeremy Corbyn like he’s some kind of bogey man and says she debates him every week at PMQs. Hah! That is not what I would call a debate, where you ask a question, not pre-scripted and get an answer also not pre-scripted from the Prime Minister. In 7 years no question has ever been answered to anyone’s satisfaction. She’s bet the farm on Brexit getting her the election and she will lose. Brexit was a vanity project of Cameron’s, he’s the one who ought to have stayed and seen it through, but he was taking the mickey all along it seems. Typical. No matter how much the lady protests otherwise, the tories do not give a toss about us, their employers and the sooner they’re out,the better. Minnie Mouse could do a better job!

  20. The woman is a fraud and not fit to be a backbench MP. We have been hearing and reading about Brexit for 5 yrs now and still no wiser. What on earth is she negotiating? A Hard Brexit or NO BREXIT. Could the woman give us some details of what she is negotiating BEFORE the GE and not afterwards when it will be too late?

    • I don’t believe she has actually made any progress or she’d be crowing about it and throwing it in Jeremy Corbyn’s face. I think she’s running scared now, she took on a job that is way too big for her, so, no, we won’t hear anything as there’s nothing to hear. Cameron and May will go down in the annals of history as the most damaging and useless PMs this country has ever had.

  21. Absolutely not! This wretched woman could do nothing other than alienate and antagonise EU negotiators, egged on by the rabidly ant-EU madmen pulling her strings. She wouldn’t be allowed to conduct negotiations anyway, but still she has poisoned talks even before they begin. The most rude and ignorant man that the Tories could find, David Davies, will be our negotiator, and he is even worse..

    • Agreed, David Davis and his SMUG face utterly disgust me and the way he laughs off every question. Smirking Idiot.

  22. the tories carried out the same deception in the 2010 election when they hid from view the proposals for the NHS this time she as informed the people who most likely vote tory what she as in mind for their future so just what devious schemes does she have for families who are already struggling to cope with the cost of living Strong & Stable read WEAK & FABLE

  23. NO Never – Confrontational and totally uninspiring – needs calm and negotiating skills with likability – sounds like JC is the man for the job JC4PM #votelabour

  24. A strong and stable leader would not have to send in her Pit Bull .
    Whatever happens now it is the end of Theresa May , she has been proven a major embarrassment tonight
    She called an election being certain of a huge Majority and it looks like she has wiped that huge majority out and will be lucky to even win or have a reduced majority ,
    It will be a huge personal disaster for her .and she will be very much weaker .

    • She has shown herself to be a coward and baulk at the first fence. A leader should lead not send a deputy to face the other parties. She called the election with a huge advantage in money and support and her cowardice has lost most of the good will. I would hate to see her facing the European leaders they would make mincemeat of her and we would be the ones to suffer from her incompetence

  25. No way Jose. Mme May will lead the UK into terminal decline. to put it into verse to the tune of oh Suzannah

    Teresa’s strong and stable in a strong and stable way
    Strong and stable‘s marvellous on a strong and stable day
    Oh Teresa, strong and stable May
    If you repeat it often enough, they’ll swallow what you say.

    As you listen to your crazy gang, as you gobble up UKIP
    Banks are queuing up to jump the sinking Brexit ship
    Oh Teresa, Wrong unstable May
    Don’t trash the brit economy in a strong and stable way

    Education’s on its knees the schools are in distress
    But she believes that grammar schools will solve this sorry mess
    Oh Teresa, weak and feeble May
    Don’t trash our childrens’ future lives in a strong and stable way

    Companies are hurting bad and their future’s insecure
    They’ll lose 500 million of their customers for sure
    Oh Teresa, whatever you may say
    You’ll need a deal that’s favourable you can’t just walk away.

    Teresa says she’ll fix it with a large majority
    Just what difference that will make is difficult to see
    Oh Teresa, poor deluded May
    Don’t think that you can call the shots and Europe will obey

  26. Being as Theresa May brought our #GE2017 into an arena that concentrated on ‘personalities’ instead of policies she was destined to lose. If however the Tory manifesto had carried serious political weight that people agreed with she may have stood a chance, instead her manifesto contained NO costings, I repeat NONE! and most of the promises were to be agreed ‘AFTER THE ELECTION’. Can anyone else see where the problem lies for the Tories?

  27. So Theresa tells us how strong and stable she is. Tells us she’ll get a landslide victory. Tells us she’s the only person who can get the best possible Brexit deal then says she needs our help to do it ?
    Sorry but you’re on your own. Let your Christian faith guide you as you claim it always does.

  28. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*breathes*oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*turns blue, passes out*

  29. `HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha` ha ha ……gasp for breath….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • I agree T May is beyond help she is just one step away from a total train crash as she totally lacks the skills needed to negociate something as complexe and intricate as U.K.´s departure from the EU .She has also prove that she is incapable to keep her cool confronted with contradictions !
      This woman is not Prime Minister material !!


  30. Not in a million yrs, will I back May she is weak can’t answer questions unless she knows them first, and even then stumbles on the answers, she has played a dirty election with nothing but insult, and slurs, so she does not have to answer questions about their plans, and is too frightened to go face to face with Corbyn, why because she knows he will show her up for the weak wobbely fool and coward she really is, so how the hell can she do Brexit,

  31. Not a prayer! She’s created the situation, and doesn’t give a toss about the consequences so long as she retains power.

  32. Not a chance! She’s in it for herself and her mates, everyone else can bloody well sod off, pay up and die as far as she’s concerned. And if she can’t even face leaders of political parties, who she all thinks are “chaotic” and incompetent, then what will she be like facing the likes of Michel Barnier etc? Will she have David Davis to hold her hand and soothe her: “there, there, there, Theresa. You say “good morning” to the nice gentlemen on the other side of the table, there’s a good girl”!

  33. No chance – there’s no logic to Brexit and even less with her approach. She’s not professional, just petulant and vindictive. She doesn’t want to govern for all the people. She does seem to want to make the rich richer and to keep the poor in their place. She has shown no guile during the election campaign and no capacity or willingness to negotiate. Time to go!

  34. No chance – she can’t even handle a head to head debate with 7 leaders let alone 23! She is an utter disgrace and embarasment to Britain!

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