Help Me Fulfill Promise Of BREXIT! Cries Theresa May. Will You Help Her? Yes Or No?

Theresa May is calling upon Britons to “help her fulfil the promise of Brexit” as the 8th June election date approaches. According to the BBC, Mrs May will pledge to use “the promise of Brexit” to build a “stronger, fairer and even more prosperous” country.

Mrs May says she is the only one capable of leading Britain well through the Brexit negotiations and claims that Jeremy Corbyn will be “alone and naked” if he is the one to go to the E.U for negotiations.

The election is now just a few days away as polls indicate that both Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck in the polls though some polls show that the Tories are just 3 points ahead of Labour. Undecided voters will be the ones to definitely decide who wins this election.

So as Theresa May calls out to help her fulfil her Brexit promise, we ask our esteemed leaders.

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