DISTURBING! This Video Of Trump’s Speech And Plan For The Climate Deal Will SHOCK Our European Allies And The G20

Donald Trump has always been a Climate change “denier” and has on several times claimed that Climate change is a hoax. On his 2016 U.S Presidential election campaigns, he used fiery language and threatened to destroy and rip apart the Paris Climate Change Accord that Obama had “imposed” on the American people by claiming that it was putting restriction on how much energy people can use.

That rhetoric is totally false. The Paris Climate Change Accord’s only goal is to combat global warming , and find solutions to the big threats to our natural environment . The ultimate goal of this deal is to conserve, preserve and take care of our planet.

During Trump’s foreign trip that saw him meet with NATO and G7 world leaders, everyone else signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement except for Trump. He claimed he needed time to think it through but now all Political experts say he didn’t need time to think it through because he will not sign it. He should have simply told the European leaders the truth instead of giving them false hope.

Watch this shocking video below from Trump’s Presidential campaign and give us our opinion but above all, SHARE the video so everyone can understand where the problem lies.