Theresa May Coins New Bizarre Mantra “Alone And Naked” In New Stinging Personal Attack On Jeremy Corbyn. Watch Video!!!

Theresa May has unleashed stinging criticism of Jeremy Corbyn during a speech on her campaign tour in which she claimed that Jeremy Corbyn is unprepared for Brexit negotiations and would be going to Europe “Alone and Naked ” for negotatiations. “And that is not an image we can bear thinking about,” she added, causing laughter through out the audience in yet another very personal attack.

Theresa May has now become known for coining catch phrases and already she is known for “strong and stable leadership”, “deep and special relationship with the E.U” and now “alone and naked” will surely catch fire. Just a search on google for three words “alone and naked” brings out references to Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile has avoided being drawn into the politics of personality and has refused to personally attack the Prime Minister, choosing to focus on policy and the labour manifesto and plans.


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