Q&A: Trump Says The Saudis Are Our Wonderful Friends And Partners. Do You Support Him? Yes Or No?

Trump has pretty much severed our friendships and partnership with Europe. His trip to Europe was a total disaster compared to his foray into the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia where he seemed to have the time of his life. He danced away the night with the Saudis, was adorned in a pure golden medallion and was “initiated” in a bizarre ceremony which symbology experts have said is pretty much means “illuminate the world” . In this ceremony Trump and the Saudi royals held on to an illumonating orb which is like a globe with the world map.

Discussions are still going wild on social media with many people saying that the glowing orbit is directly linked to the infamous secret society- illuminati. Unless Trump can speak out and explain what that was all about then the wild speculations will go on.

In europe, Trump turned on our partners, berated NATO, shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro, almost broke the French President’s arm and then called the Germans “bad, very bad.”

When America was attacked on 9/11 by fundamentalist terrorists (all were from the Middle East, many from saudi Arabia), it was NATO, all European countries who sprang up and without questioning joined the United States in fighting terrorism. Germany, Italy, Britain, Sweden, France and other European countries sent troops to serve alongside the U.S in Iraq, Afghanistan.

But now Trump has turned his back on them and instead chose to cosy up to the Saudis. Ofcourse it is good to have a relationship with the saudis too and yes they are good people, but it is a shame when we turn our backs on our long time allies- Europe.

Q&A: Trump says the Saudis are our wonderful friends and partners. Do you support him? Yes or No?

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