God Will Strike Down America If We Keep Being Mean To Trump, Says Evangelical Preacher

Evangelical preacher Jim Bakker has called for an end to criticism of Trump, claiming that “God will strike down America” if we keep being mean to Trump.

“Trump was chosen by God,” he said before adding that God says, “I put up the leaders and i put down the leaders,” therefore let only God make the decision about Trump.

He railed against the growing resentment in America and the increasing interest in impeaching Trump and removing him from office as “hate speech”.

“It is not fair,” he said. “This is hate. You talk about hate speech? The speech against the President of the United States is hate speech.”

Jim Bakkers’ church members immediately took to social media and they said they totally agree with their preacher’s argument without questioning and they will do anything he asks them to do.

The interview and full transcript is available on Jim Bakker’s website but also can be found on Youtube.

Editors Note: The evangelicals and christian fundamentalists were largely silent during Obama’s Presidency when he faced veiled racist attacks and was accused of being a Muslim and the same radical Christians supported Trump’s claim that Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not qualified to be President. They supported Trump’s personal attacks on Obama and his demand for Obama’s birth certificate which even when produced they refused to accept it and claimed it was doctored. ¬†Donald trump is soley responsible for the Politics of hate and angry rhetoric that has now permeated U.S Political life. Yes, Politics has always been divisive and a dirty sport but Trump took it to a whole different level and made it more dirty and ugly. He insulted women as fat pigs, insulted disabled people, insulted Muslims, Mexicans, and used the most derogatory language ever that he made it impossible for anyone to feel sorry for him.


Timothy Goldberg