“You’re A Nobody Now. Go To The Back Of The Queue!” Former U.K Prime Minister Berated By Angry Shopper

Former U.K Prime Minister David Cameron faced the wrath of angry shoppers when he went out shopping at a sportswear budget outlet, JDSports.

Shoppers described the tense moment when David Cameron was shopping for a pair of white socks then realising he had the wrong, size walked back to the shelves and changed for the correct size and then looking puzzled walked to the cashier at which point a shopper yelled at him and told him to get to the back of the queue.

“You’re a nobody now. Go to the back of the queue,” said Keiron Andrew.

The incident was mocked on Twitter with Cameron’s adversaries mocking him and tweeting “How the mighty fall”. David Cameron has increasingly become unpopular with Remainers( people who wanted to remain part of the E.U) and who blame him and his government for the hard Brexit that Britain is going to endure.

Cameron eventually paid for his socks and flanked by his two bodyguards, left the sports shop without further incident.

Watch video clip of incident below!