We Want A “Deep And Special Relationship” With The European Union, Says U.K Home Secretary

Deep and special relationship!!! Those are the new buzz words in U.K political circles that we are going to be hearing a lot.

Amber Rudd, the U.K Home Office Secretary has emphasised the government position and said that “We want a deep and special relationship with the E.U”. Speaking after Germany’s chancelor Angela Merkel’s comments when she said that Europe should build its ow strong partnerships and forget relying on the U.S after Trump’s trip to Europe, Amber Rudd jumped in and said that ” Germany will be welcome to build a strong partnership with the U.K” and emphasised it by stating the Government position of fostering “a deep and special relationship” with the E.U.

Critics were quick to jump on Amber Rudd’s buzz words and argue that if the Government had wanted a “deep and special relationship” with the E.U then they would have stayed part of the union. “This is purely hypocritical,” wrote a Labour activist on Facebook.

“Deep and special relationship” are the new buzz words that were first heard from the Prime Minister Theresa May and now are like a new slogan.

The U.K government is trying to build a close relationship with Trump’s administration and at the same time build a deep relationship with the E.U but Trump’s administration is pushing an agenda of “America First”.